Awake Social and Awake Dating are wholly owned subsidiaries of Wide Awake Media Ltd (Ireland)-Company #579489.


WAM is a family owned company (The Fiddens- Jarrod, Aine, Aiya and Lana) dedicated to bringing the 'awake' market (however we see ourselves) quality social platforms to meet others of like minds.

You will see us quoted web-wide right now- the most common question being "How/why did you come up with Awake Dating and Awake Social?"

Our answer; My wife and I 'woke up' together. As we researched further, and our awareness developed, we found ourselves feeling 'isolated' from those around us- who oft held a vastly different worldview and understanding to the ones we developed. Further, we found it hard in social situations to 'hold our tongues' and just thought 'There has to be a better way- and there must be people out there like us!"

We also knew how lucky we were to have each other (and our kids) in this 'reality'. We realized it would be harder for single awake individuals- and for anyone with 'fringe' beliefs, to network and feel comfortable in real world and online settings.

So Awake Dating and Awake Social were born- somewhere for singles, couples and families to come together in an online environment built just for them.

A place where you are free of the 'knee jerk reactions' of those who don't see things as we do.

A place to come together- to build and rally groups- to bring change.

We are working with some of the best New Media talent to bring you tailored social platforms, and soon, quality 'alternate' media content- for the awake, by the awake.

We are building live stream capable TV studio(s) over the coming year, to bring you quality New Media content- not 'fear porn' and definitely not 'maindream media'.

Real. Relevant. Responsible. Revolutionary.

Please check for more on us and some of our current projects.

We are always looking to network with alternate media creators, artists, musicians, business people and creatives of all colors- so if this is you, reach out and join the New Media Revolution.

Thanks for joining Awake Social- and if you're single, head over to Awake Dating.

This is your online 'alternate home' -to teach, learn and grow together.


All The Very Best To You And Yours

The WAM Family