WAM (Wide Awake Media) Ombudsman: Security Guidelines/Principles for Managing User


  1. Personal info and Anonymity: It is nearly impossible to identify, accurately, the other side of web traffic. Of course, computers can be hacked, man-in-the-middle attacks can sniff for packets, but the bottom line is that someone can pretend to be a user by simply logging onto another person’s computer – or one at a library or other public venue. It is therefore easy to be anonymous on the web, and yet no one is. The main reason anonymity does not exists is BECAUSE users reveal so much private information. At WAM, we recommend users think about what, who, and how they display info EVERYWHERE online – not just with WAM. As part of our program we intend to educate our WAM users on tools, techniques, and strategies for achieving a high-level of personal privacy in a world that seems to be at war with one’s dignity and identity.

  2. Dangerous info:if you post ANYTHING threatening people with harm, you should consider what you just did – that’s called a threat. If it is a specific threat, like “Jim, I hate you, I’m going to kill you”, we would begin by deleting the post and explaining why – we just won’t delete posts, we will explain why and our ombudsman will publicly, within the WAM community, review his/her decision and seek advice from the community, that is part and parcel of an ombudsman’s role – to act as the external advocate for those who have none – in this case, the WAM users who find themselves at odds with WAM management. Bottom line: it’s our site-and if we want to delete your account, we can, like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and others. We simply will not do so without valid explanation (see the rest of this document).

  3. No deletions without explanation:WAM will NEVER delete or disable your account without explanation. Sure, dupe accounts from the same IP will be reduced to their justified cardinality of 1 (geeks get it), but other deletions will never be performed without an explanation email being sent. And, actually, in the case of dupes we will likely do the same, down the road.

  4. Abusing other users: this is related to the “don’t post threats”, but less serious. This is a hard one – everyone accuses EVERYONE of being “a troll” – but, really, aren’t we all trolls at times? We don’t want to censor anyone, we also don’t want people being bullies. We practice, at WAM, the NAP – Non-Aggression Principle. This means that we will not simply delete accounts or sanction users for “conflicting” or “disagreeing” with other users – but if your public persona is reduced to nothing but a slew of personal, disparaging, mean attacks? – You will hear from our ombudsman, because our ombudsman is looking out for all of you.

  5. Dupe accounts and fraudulent accounts:you can try to mess with us,but we hire hackers and people who hang out with “hacker types” for testing purposes and we understand the silly little games of trying to move around strings (geek thing) in an email – but your IP stays the same. We know IP is not always unique, but if we see what looks like the same account names just Amy123 instead of Amy12, and the IP address is the same? (one of these accounts is getting deleted at a minimum)

  6. Free Speech: our core team is made up of people who are frustrated with the varying levels of free speech restrictions in many of our “advanced” societies. We can’t change that, but here in the WAM ecosystem we will do everything within our power to defend your right to say whatever the heck you want to – period.

  1. Strong Encryption:we will,overtime,implement a multi-layer defense-in-depth strategy to protect our user’s data. However, we live in a dangerous world where certain bodies believe they have a right to “unlock your info” and you have no right to due process. This is a sign of sickness, but this is our world. We, at WAM, will do what we can to ensure that when and IF the bodies come for your data, that this is PUBLIC, REVIEWED, AUDITED, ARGUED, DEBATED. We will NOT simply give your data to any party or body without literally being forced to do, we will fight, to the extend we can – with non-violence, education, law and love.

  2. Ombudsman selection: initially,during the first year of WAM’s existence, our ombudsman program will not strictly be a “public community appointment” – but rather a role of our start-up team. However, during the first 2 years of AWAKE.SOCIAL operations, we intend to implement a democratic process, for our users, that will be monitored by an external agency and certified (as best we can). The users of our ecosystem will choose their ombudsman, just not in the first year – and really, when is FACEBOOK going to give you this power (answer: never).